Thanks for being an alpha tester for our location project, codenamed MeLo.

MeLo requires that you use an application on your mobile phone and/or laptop to track your location.

Start using Fire Eagle

  1. Use your Yahoo account to sign up for Fire Eagle
  2. Download a client for your phone and/or laptop; we use Voila, Clarke and Yofe!, but use whichever one you like which works on your device.
  3. Exactly how you use the application is up to you -- you might want to explicitly update your status a few times a day at important locations, any time you go to a new place, or even set it to automatically update at a particular interval. There is no right or wrong way, just go with what feels natural to you; in general you'll want to record your location at places that mean something to you, or places you want to remember later.

Fire Eagle is a service from Yahoo! and they'll have access to your location when you use one of their clients. But Fire Eagle doesn't store your location history, won't share your location with anyone else without your express permission and has a best-in-class privacy policy.

See below if you'd like to also use another service, like Foursquare or Google Latitude

Using the MeLo site

Connect to/upload your location data by selecting the appropriate option. Make sure you allow MeLo to access your exact location.

Once you have completed the above steps, your data will be automatically synchronized to the MeLo site every so often (except for Google Latitude, which requires a manual import). You can view your location history on the MeLo map at any time.

Functionality on the site is limited right now, but in addition to viewing your location by date, you can click on your locations to view additional details and name or tag your location points. Suggested names for locations are pulled from several online sources. You can add any of these suggested names, or add your own tag.

Take a look at the suggested names for a few of your locations and try tagging some in a way that makes sense to you. Try categorizing a day or a full week of your location history.

(Optional: Other location services)

If you already use or want to use Foursquare

You can use Foursquare too, if you want, which makes it easy to "check in" to specific named places, like university buildings or restaurants. But Foursquare's not good for checking in at home or other places you care about personally, so make sure you use Fire Eagle too.

Foursquare maintains your full location history and will often share your current location (with other people at the same location, for example), so be careful when you use it.

If you already use or want to use Google Latitude

You can import data from Google Latitude too. Sign up for Latitude if you haven't already, and then also sign up for the Location History app.

The Location History app allows Google to store your location history and lets you export it as a KML file. You'll need to download this KML file and then upload it to MeLo whenever you want to use the MeLo system. We really recommend Fire Eagle instead, it's way more convenient to have it all be automatically synced.