Make your Location Meaningful

Connect your Foursquare, Fire Eagle, or Google Latitude account and MeLo will help you track your personal location history, categorize it in ways that are meaningful to you, and share it with others!

  • Import data securely & easily with OAuth
  • Add context with info from sites like Yelp
  • Use tags that are meaningful to you
  • Use any combination of location services
  • Share lots or nothing about your location
  • Export or delete your data at any time

What is MeLo?

MeLo was a project created by a team of graduate students at UC Berkeley's School of Information. We felt that existing location services were inflexible and shared information that lacked context, so we created MeLo, where you can give your locations custom names and tags.

MeLo for Developers

MeLo had an API that developers could use to build custom applications, like data visualizations, advanced location sharing, or integration with other third party apps.


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