About us

The Meaningful Location project was begun at the University of California Berkeley School of Information as the final project for five master's students. We believe that existing location-based services don't recognize the complex personal relationships we have to place and want to improve the way computers communicate with us about locations.

  • Read our report explaining the theory, process and implementation of our master's thesis.
  • View our presentation to the public, May 15, 2010.

The team

When not working on MeLo...


  • Ryan Greenberg worked extensively on MeLo's awesome UI and slick API before moving to Twitter to be a user interface developer.
  • Steph Pakrul is largely responsible for MeLo's visual design; now she works full-time on Drupal theming at TopNotchThemes.


  • Deirdre Mulligan is a law professor at the School of Information and an expert in privacy and other policy issues.

Our "offices"

The MeLo team doesn't really work too well in traditional dedicated office spaces. According to a statistical analysis of our personal location histories and SVN logs, MeLo is built 32% at UC Berkeley, 21% at Bay Area coffeeshops and 47% at our respective homes.